Over 99% Radiation Protection!  

BoobiTrap Compact

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You’re on the go, your cell phone contains your life, but you have nowhere to put it. 

BoobiTrap Compact is the answer.  BoobiTrap Compact is a convenient, stylish, and safe way for women to carry their cell phone and other valuables.  BoobiTrap’s proprietary and patent-pending neoprene housing unit securely holds your valuable phone, securely attaching to the strap of a conventional bra, a sports bra, or a tank top.  The divider partition between the two compartments is made of proven radiation protection fabric, providing a guard/shield against potentially harmful radiation, and also has RFID Shielding Technology.

The holder is positioned between a woman’s bra/bra strap and her booby, so your phone remains easy to reach and securely in place.  BoobiTrap Compact is water-resistant and comfortable, and features two compartments enabling you to carry your cell phone in one side and your ID, money, credit cards, house key, passport (BoobiTrap), or even lip gloss in the other. 

The top flap with heavy duty snap closure ensures that the cell phone and valuables remain safely in place, preventing damage or loss due to accidentally falling out, especially while bending down.

Easy Use, Easy Care. Tuck it, Snap it, Wear it, Wash it.

  • Radiation Protection Fabric provides 99.96% effectiveness (Lab tested in U.S.)
  • Product Dimensions: BoobiTrap Compact: 5”L x 3 5/8”W / BoobiTrap: 6”L x 4”W
  • Compatible Cellular Phones: BoobiTrap Compact: up to 4.5” screen / BoobiTrap: up to 5.5” screen
  • Machine Washable, Latex-Free, Water-resistant, Durable

BoobiTrap Compact fits many phones, including:
iPhone 1-5
Flip phones
Motorola Droid Mini

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

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