Over 99% Radiation Protection!  


$ 28.00
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The NEW BELT BUDDY is an updated and improved version of the popular "fanny pack".    

The BELT BUDDY attaches with two snaps to the wearers personal belt, or sturdy woven belt (included).

The BELT BUDDY has three convenient compartments: one for your cell phone (fits all types and sizes of cell phones – even and iPhone 6 Plus!), and two smaller compartments to carry an ID, credit card, money, passport, EpiPen, lip gloss, house key, a few puppy treats, tissues, etc.

The top flap snaps closed to secure items carried inside.

It's made of neoprene so it's sweat resistant, plus it’s machine washable! (Air dry only – do not put in dryer)   

The BELT BUDDY includes radiation shielding fabric divider partitions.  The interior fabric has had independent, lab-certified testing done, providing over 99% proven protection against harmful radiation emitted by a cell phone.

For: Men and Women (Unisex)

Color: Black 

Dimensions: 7 ½”W x 5 ¼”H 

Woven Belt (included):  Extends to 48” in Length

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