Over 99% Radiation Protection!  

Which BoobiTrap?

Unsure of which BoobiTrap fits your needs and your phone?  Generally, next-generation phones like the Samsung Galaxy series, the iPhone 5 and 6, and the Motorola Moto X and Turbo fit BoobiTrap much better.  Additionally, if you like to keep a case on your phone, BoobiTrap is the choice for you!  Unfortunately the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Note series are too big for either BoobiTrap.

Smaller phones, such as basic pay-as-you-go, flip-phones, or  iPhone 4's fit well in the original BoobiTrap Compact.

Here's a BoobiTrap Compact next to BoobiTrap.

Here is a BoobiTrap with an iPhone 6 and a Samsung S4.

Here is an BoobiTrap Compact with an iPhone 4 and a Samsung S4 Mini.

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