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Hi, I’m Stephanie, creator of the BoobiTrap wearable cell phone holder.

When I was 25, my best friend lost her battle with breast cancer.  That was over 30 years ago.  Since then many of my friends and coworkers have battled cancer; but now they win! 

Inspired by these brave women, providing a SAFE wearable cell phone holder was definitely my TOP priority. 

Impartial, third party lab testing has proven that BoobiTrap provides over 99% shielding against harmful radiation emitted by your cell phone.  

BoobiTrap tucks conveniently in your bra and fastens around your bra strap. Two interior compartments provide space for your cell phone, plus your ID, credit card, money, or passport. The top flap snaps closed to secure your valuables inside.

Now women everywhere can keep their cell phones handy, their hands free, and their bodies protected.

Because being safe IS important.

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